blog of the Tippie Hendry series of children's stories


‘Tippie & The Big Cat’ is the first story in the ‘Tippie Hendry’ series of children’s books.  Here is a brief summary of ‘Tippie & The Big Cat’:

Tippie Hendry lives on the Scottish island of Barranmor with her grandma. When her classmate, Tommy McGregor, comes into school, reporting that he’s spotted a big cat in Barranmor harbour, Tippie and her good friend, George McLure, decide to investigate.

Is there really a wild cat on the loose on Barranmor?

A story for older children to read themselves or for parents to read to younger children.

Author, Catherine Kinnery, plans to write more stories about Tippie, George and their friends on Barranmor, and she’d love to know what readers think of ‘Tippie & The Big Cat.’  So if you read and enjoy the story, please rate it or write a review to let Catherine and other young readers know your thoughts on the book.


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