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‘Tippie & The Big Cat’ Quiz

If you’ve read, ‘Tippie & The Big Cat’, why not test how well you’ve remembered the story by taking this quiz?

1. What is the name of the island where Tippie Hendry lives?

2. Tippie’s school friends are George, Tommy, Linus and who?

3. Which two types of big cat do the children think Tommy might have seen?

4. What is special about Old George’s house?

5. What units does Miss Tarleton tell George he should use to measure distances?

6. What kind of sandwiches does Grandma Hendry make to attract the big cat?

7. What does Old George call Tippie & George if he can’t remember their names?

8. Who is Miss Tarleton going to tell the children about in their history lesson?

How well did you do?  Check your answers on the ‘Quiz Answers’ page.


Tippie’s photo of ‘the big cat of Barranmor’